Honey Running Down The Walls.

So we have hit the ground of the new year running. We spent the remaining days of 2020 reorganising and decorating our office. Being a little on the creative side, and thinking of talks and virtual presentations ahead in 2021 we decided to give it a bee themed feature wall.

We spent some time in the workshop setting about creating a template for our design which we made from hardboard. A great deal of time went into preparing the wall, filling of holes from previous wall hangings and a coat of magnolia silk vinyl as a base colour to try and hide the walls original out dated, and why on earth did I paint it!!... plum colour. It was pretty hard work to completely cover the horrid fruit coloured wall, and we decided that our design had to go over at least two thirds of the area. Once the paint was dry we were able to start laying out the design using the template that we made the day before. We had made two templates so that one could be cut in half, which was to enable us to start the design around the edges of the wall. Using a mixture of acrylics and silk vinyl paints we set about outlining the templates over the desired area.

Once the lay out of the design was set out on the wall colour could be added to the combs. Originally we were going to set it out as just plain pollen coloured combs. However, the amateur artist in me took over, and we decided on adding some depth to the design. before you no it we had honey running down the walls.

We have a talk for the Stafford Bee Group coming up this week on Thursday the 7th of January, where we will be taking a look at apiary hygiene. You can register for the event here we would love for you to join us.

Keep an eye open for some up and coming exciting news from the facebook group UKBR (UK bee removers) over the coming weeks of January. We know they are working hard in the back ground of this subject for the promotion of bee health and welfare of honey bees.

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