November News

Autumn is well and truly under way, with leaves on the trees turning a beautiful array of golds, reds and browns, and gathering in corners of windswept gardens. The temperatures are dropping, and the days are now much shorter. Even though we have stopped active hive inspections we have had a busy month here at Westart Apiaries. Through the end of October we we prepared our stocks for winter, and with the finishing of syrup feeding, we added a fondant feed as an added precaution for the cold months ahead. We also securely strapped down our hives in case of any looming blustery weather. There will be visits made to them intermittently through the winter to make sure that they haven't been knocked over by animals such as deer or an inquisitive badger, and to be sure they still have sufficient feed to get them through till spring. The task of cleaning, tidying, and preparing equipment for the following season is well under way, with the servicing of roofs, and floors. There is also the job of frame building, and the rendering of wax for exchange in the spring to be done. So plenty to be getting on with for now.

Its a great time to reflect on the year thats passed, and contemplate the plans for the next season. I don't think there is any one who would argue that this year has not had its ups and downs. We have certainly had our fair share of disruption, but I would like to think that we have become stronger, and more resilient for it. We have been taking a look at ways in which we can deliver aspects of our business to our clients and create more interesting content in a safe environment. One of the avenues we are currently developing is online training for some of the classroom based learning that we provided before the current restrictions, brought on by the pandemic. We are having great fun in putting this together, and have already spent a considerable amount of time taking photos, and filming. Not being trained in the arts of drama an tv, you can imagine that we are already acquiring a substantial library of bloopers. A lot of it not suitable for those with a delicate nature, and soft hearing. To save embarrassing my poor wife and unscrupulous friends black mailing me with public humility on social media, I have been attempting to execute this filming on my own in the deepest darkest parts of the Staffordshire countryside away from view. I can only envision what the local wildlife must be thinking.

We have been able to attend a market or two locally selling our honey, along with other hive products, and these are selling steadily. There is already a number of Christmas orders to get ready, and we are expecting more to come in as time gets closer to the festive season. We are hoping to get our online shop going before the end of the month where you will be able to purchase some of our beautiful honey and many other of our amazing products. There may even be some gifts for the budding beekeepers in the offering too so keep your eyes peeled for special offers.

Until the next time stay safe and enjoy a buzy life.

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